Dalian innovation yuanlong machinery Company (Simply called DIYC here below), specializing in Foundry and Machining, is located in Dalian, the Northern City of the P.R. China.

At present, DIYC utilizes 4 set of medium induction furnace to melt the metal materials, with the utilization of the Medium Frequency furnace, DIYC acquired the ability to provide the components in a wide variety of the material specifications, covering Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Ferrous alloy up to cast Steel etc.,.

In molding respect, DYIC used a set of automatic sand treatment equipment to keep the supply of the mold sand, and utilized one set of semi-automatic production line and one set of full-automatic production line to make mold. Through utilizing the above equipment, DIYC formed the capacity of producing the castings in a large scale, at the same time, can also keep the stability of the casting’s quality. In addition, a small part of the manual molding also remained in order to meet the production of the castings not suitable for production line.

DIYC also set up its own machining shop for more needs, with using the machining equipment of CNC etc., DIYC has been able to provide the finished products with the high accuracy not only provide the rough castings.

Inspection is the most important after castings and the machining parts come out, DYIC was well equipped with the testing meters such as Spectrum, tensile strength meter, CMM, finish meter etc.,.

In order to keep the product quality, a set of the strict quality controlling system has been also set up, DIYC has passed the QS certification.

Through the above, formed the reliable product quality assurance and meet the strict requirement from Customers perfectly.

The products from DIYC (such as auto parts, Pulley, Valves and compressor’s parts etc.,) have been used widely by the Customers from home and abroad.